Mere Image


There's beauty in your simplicity. There's life in your words and in me. Is it wise to focus on all of these wars we've fought so long? //The streetlights are gleaming as torches are burning of an army that's coming from nowhere fast. The streetlights are gleaming as torches are burning of an army that wants to keep us in the past. Life is right on the other side and the TV, their angels say, "Please stay tuned and we'll show you the way.”// I still may not be a perfect man. Your grace is why I am who I am. I'm done trying to stand out above and I'll find rest in your perfect love. Grace has washed my transgressions away. Your love is why hate is falling away.



Dirt rests beneath the nails of these coffin hands, I didn't think I'd ever open them again. I held the hammer that drove the nails into your flesh. But f rom the outpouring of Your Spirit, You corroded my grip. //The hand that pushed me under is the same that pulled me up. If this is my cleansing, then in this grace I'll drown// You let Noah be the first to show. You baptized the earth to let Your love grow. Then Your dove returned bringing with it Your evidence. You said the same for what Your Spirit represents. Being washed in the water is your watermark, your mark of rebirth; but the Devil will always rather leave you stranded. Drown out the death in me. Pull me under ‘til I learn to breathe. With your lips pressed on mine, breathe new life. Good God, bury me under  the sea. Pull me up. Leave Your Spirit's mark on me.


The Cynic

Could it be that everyone but me is wrong? Or could it be I've become the cynic? Could it be that there's a bit in all of us? A little bit of Diogenes. //I Hold my lamp in the morning time, Looking for an honest man. No, I'm not falling. Falling for what's nothing. No, I'm not scared ‘cause what is fear anyway?// What is fact and what is fiction? They change in conjunction with what I see in you. Is it love or is it deception? Depends on whatever my mood. So here I am on another Sunday. Questioning all that's being said. When all I want is for someone to show me love now I can't get outside my head. But maybe, oh just maybe, Just this once, I'm the one who's wrong.


King of the Desert

I’m the king over everything except silence, and that's the one thing that I want. So I'll close out the world by creating a kingdom all for myself. //Open your gates! Your gates keep you on your own! Open your gates! Your gates are the reason you're alone! And if you wait to take down the walls you've made, then your loneliness has only you to blame// I never thought I’d be the one to fall. The cries of my voice echo back from my stone walls. I gave up everything and now I've crumbled to my knees. But You climbed every wall I made just to get to me. You see the problem with being all alone, when it's all gone wrong, there’s no one to catch you when you fall. I refuse to be the king of the desert! Father, now I see You climbed my gates to open me!



You haven't had a thing for days. "I'm fine,” you said. You haven't been outside in days. "I'm fine," you said again. I want to figure this out. I'm here to figure this out. Please don’t act that way, I’ll check you in. //Can you get me back here on time? Do I have to stay? And we are ok?// You haven't slept that well in days. "Am I fine?" you asked me. You haven't felt alive in days, "I'm not fine" you said to me. We will figure this out. I'm here to figure this out. Please don't act that way, I’ll check you in. It's the feelings that were shared.


Too Much Makeup 

Give it a different spin. The same perspective is so boring. Make it stand out! We’re tired of hearing the same old story. I’ve heard this before. Why can’t you give it a change? Dress it for me. Could you make it more entertaining? //We change what we see. In our fear, we tell stories. The light can’t shine when we shrink. Truth to a dim capacity// There’s no way to alter what has been done. Ignore the truth if that’s what you want. When you try to add more appeal, all the glory is exactly what you steal. Don’t be afraid to speak the truth. It can stand up to reason. Don’t be ashamed. You don’t need to hide what doesn’t change with the seasons. Tear the dress.


High Tides 

Standing here at the shore of the deep blue see nothing but ocean staring right back at me. That message in a bottle I tossed overboard on the other side. I did not expect to find it washed up here at the shoreline. //I'm only a phone call away at the worlds end. How is this freedom? Are we alone here? Well I don't think we are at all// Starlight is casting his beauty over the waves but the current keeps pulling my attention onto my brain. I wish all you could see me right here with my feet in the sand. Hoping with all of my heart I was what you considered a man. Quiet, be still, oh storm. Quiet, be still, oh storm inside my head. I want to be alone.


Made Low 

It's not my name that you'll hear being shouted from the streets. ‘Cause I’m not the One that has made His everlasting mark on history. //God, if you were a fool, you'd be the wisest man in town. If you were weak, you'd be the strongest man around. So why can't we settle down?// So why hope in a kingdom destined to be another dot on a line? All kings have bodies buried beneath their heads as they sleep at night. Soon every empire will fall and all will see that You are all that's wise. You are the wisdom we need. You are the wisdom we believe. You are the wisdom we need. You are the wisdom! So why can't we settle down, have some faith, and give up our crown? Settle down.


Carry Me 

God must be awake because I see too much love left in this world to change it. What have I done? I don’t deserve this. Your love in my life contradicts what I knew of who You were and how You loved me. Your love in my life contradicts what I knew. //Carry me home, carry me home. You don’t care where I’ve been. You don’t care what I’ve done. I’m beautiful to You// Oh great Troubadour, please sing Your song for me. The one the mountains and the hills have sung so many times before. Is it too soon to tell? How will this all end? Your love in my life contradicts what I knew.


Temple Bodies 

Sometimes I need You to come and flip the tables on the inside. I take all the good You give and sell it to build up my pride. //My heart's Your temple and I've gambled in it for far too long. You talk of new wineskins, but I'm struggling to keep You inside// I'm bursting at the seams of who I used to be. I tried to drink Your Spirit in but I failed to retain the smallest bit. You renewed this vessel to preserve my soul. //My heart's Your temple. I'm not gambling in it anymore. You gave me my new skin so Your Spirit could remain inside// Fill me to where You cannot hide.


We All Come Around 

Oh the lamps, the ones that burn so bright; How they shine. Tell me which oil's right. Who owns the lamps and will know just how they'll burn? I've made them mine; I should get a turn. Time can move both fast and slow but it has a mind of its own. Whatever speed I hope it will choose is never the one it wants to use. //We all come around// And if I serve two masters, how will I know which one is in my heart while the other is on my shoulder?