Change Will Come

The Son: The Kingdom
I used to wander in search of a home/ There were those who showed a kind of grace/ But none compare to the love You showed/ On Your cross that can’t be repaid/ You call me Your son/ In Your eyes, I’m not denied/Filthy hands pollute the heart/ Like lustful eyes corrupt the mind/ Body and soul must break apart/ Your righteousness is how I’m defined/ I’m not a slave to who I used to be/ A lonely man full of doubt and shame/ By Your blood, I have been made clean/ My heart cries out Your name/ (Matthew 18:16-20)/ Swing wide 

Dealing at the Crossroads 

I heard the story of a man who had breakfast with the Devil/ They shared a hot cup of coffee and made a deal to fix his troubles/ The Devil said “Son I love you and I know your life will be fine, just remember when it’s all over that you said it would be mine.”/ Let me know if I’m out of line/ I’ve got nothing to prove/ If it’s you tell me where’s the sign/ I’ve got nothing to lose/ I made a deal, I think went too far/ He promised fame in place of my heart/ And I’m still not quite sure what I’m looking for/ I’m seeking love in return for a heart that’s torn/ Now tell me what can you offer me/ Come and rest in my love/ I’ll greet you with open arms and love you forever more/ I heard a story of a man who had dinner with Jesus/ They shared a serving of bread and wine/ Jesus said “I’m the love that you speak of”/ How could he love such a filthy man/ Who never measured up to a single thing/ He said “It’s not about anything you’ve done, it’s by grace through faith you can receive my love, and when the devil comes to claim what’s his, tell him death is his only gift.”

This is Confidence

Come undone/ Let your flesh unravel just like your preconceived ideas/ About who he is/ And what you think you deserve/ I know who I am/ By looking at who you are/ And what you've done/ You gave me a brand new heart/ I know who I am/I'll tell them who you are/ The Great I am/ Created suns and moons/ And loves infinitely/ Even when we won't let Him in/ To see the stars the way they were/ As the flew out of your hands/ Oh to witness heavens becoming earth/Pure beauty/ But that's not why I'll stand/ I find my confidence in your grace


 Broken Record

You were once so convincing, but now I see the marks that your teeth have left on me/ You can’t speak here/ Your time is up/ So slither back to the hole where you came from/ Every time the night comes out I get the coldest chill/ Something just doesn’t seem right/ (Doesn’t feel right)/ The shadows move and I hear their voices calling out my name/ Leave now/ Your darkness is no longer welcome inside my head/ So you can imitate the voice of God and twist His words to make them fit your tone/ I see your signs/ I see your tricks/ Just remember that this is a battle  you don’t win


 Exchanging Truth for a Lie

In this life Isearch and seek to find a God who thinks just like I think/ I’ve forced something inside of my head but this god I’ve made has left me feeling so dead/ What kind of god isn’t just/ Would a king be a king if his wrath was merely dust/ You can find a god you seek, but a Holy God would never turn the other cheek/ A god who obeys you isn’t a god at all/ It’s a tower waiting to crumble/ I swear He's better/ A father who doesn’t discipline is one watching his kids playing in their streets of sin/ You don’t want Me for Me, you want Me for the gifts that I will bring/ Your joy is a lie that will be taken in the night/ You’re a self-seeking man with your blood on your head/ You’re alive to worship your King/ Calves will be melted down/ Towers will be forced to the ground



 –No lyrics-


 Bearing In/Out

Have you ever been run so hard that you could not breathe/ Your thoughts consumed by who it is you need to please/ as your rider is doubling speed/ Cracking his whip/ This bridal's got a hold on my throat/ I try to fight it with every measure of your hope/Your body races on as your mind screams stop/ but in control is something you’re not/ Your addictions drive you until you bleed out every inch of Spirit you need/ But You never leave/ No You don’t/ I’m tired of running from all my convictions/ You’ve set me free from all my addictions


 When Seeing (Still) Isn't Believing

What was it like to watch Him die/ As He took 40 lashes to His back and a spear to His side/ Did you cry/ As He was crucified for you and I/ But was it real/ Can you tell me please/ Can you verify the tale/ I can’t help but doubt/ What was it like to watch Him rise/ Even though just 3 days earlier you watched Him breathe His last/ How you thought “My God, this can’t be right”/ All the lies inside your mind/ How you doubt Him/ your King/ He’s the in between of your lines/ He’ll find you a way out/ God, I don’t want to doubt/ I believe/ Help me


 Be Still and Know

I will not dance with my fear or entertain the pain that draws near/I will not look away from you, I swear/ I will not run away from anything You put in front of me/These are the words I wish I believed/ I am the king of saying the right things/ I will not look at Your daughter in any unholy manner/ I will not forsake our love/ You’re my first love/ I swear it’s enough/ I wear my head on the shoulders of good intentions/ Now I see that I'm not strong enough/ I will not forget Your name every time I hear the sound of that train barreling down the tracks in my mind/ Too loud to think/ The smoke clouds my eyes



Change Will Come

I walked twenty blocks wasting all of my thoughts on self doubt and grieving/ I got myself lost, my compass it is a watch, who knows where it’s leading/ I took trips without leaving my house, all of my friends were there, alone in my room painting/ We talked on the phone with the same TV channel on, learning life’s meaning/ And it goes and goes and goes/ We sat in parking lots, sharing our deepest thoughts, telling all of our dreams/ Time passed and left, every year someone left until the circle was me/ Alone, I called to you asking “what happened to my life?”/ That’s when I ran to you asking, “What happened to my life?”/Patiently you said/ “Change will come my love”/ So here I am again, Calling your name for them/ The lost memories and lost dreams/ You met me here again, with love you called me your friend/ An open armed welcoming/ And I find myself running right back to your arms like the last time that I did/ Our destination will not always be/ What you’ve called our destiny/ Change will come consistently/ Riding grace and mercy